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How can I see the average or maximum values during recording?

You can change the display of the values with a tap on the screen. In addition to the current values, you can display the average and maximum values for speed, cadence and heart rate, for example.

Does the recording of my activity pause when I stop?

Groupetto can automatically pause your activities. You can enable the auto-pause feature during the ride. On a bike ride with „Auto Pause“ enabled, the recording pauses when you stop and starts again when you continue.

How are title suggestions, powered by AI generated?

To generate fitting title suggestions, we use individual data from your ride for analysis, as well as individual keywords, if available. We do not use the recording of your ride itself. Here’s an example: we take the respective average and peak values for your speed. We analyze whether it was a fast or slow ride compared to others and pass these parameters on to the AI, which then returns a suitable title suggestion to us. We use the ChatGPT API as the AI.

Are indoor rides also supported?

With Groupetto, our goal is to become the best app for group rides. Therefore, our focus is not on indoor rides.

Where do the weather data come from?

Since the iPhone itself cannot record live weather data, we use Apple Weather data. This means we can retrieve and store the temperatures for your specific location. A data connection is required for this. These temperatures do not reflect your actual weather conditions but do allow for a rough approximation. We retrieve the weather data approximately every 30 minutes.

Can I record without cellular reception?

Groupetto requires GPS data to record your speed, distance and altitude. The GPS reception of your iPhone works even without cellular reception. Syncing your rides is only possible with a data connection.

What happens if the app crashes or quits during a recording?

If the app crashes or closes during a recording, your current ride will not be lost. When you open the app again, the ride will continue from the last saved point and continue recording.