Your smart bike computer.

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Whether you're climbing mountains, honing your fitness, or enjoying nature: Groupetto is the partner at your side.

With advanced tracking, AI features, and intuitive operation, Groupetto takes your rides to a new level.


Make every ride a shared experience: Whether you meet fellow riders by chance or plan to ride in a group, you earn points for every ride. Optionally share your live data to make riding together even more interactive.

How does RideTogether work?

Groupetto automatically detects when another rider with the feature enabled is nearby. Your iPhone can simply stay in your jersey pocket. Points are synchronized directly from device to device. This ensures maximum security and privacy, as no data is stored centrally.

Live data

For those who find collecting points is not enough, we offer the possibility to share live data such as speed, power, and heart rate with others who also share their data.

Key Features

GPS Data

Record speed, duration, distance, and climbs and securely save them on your iPhone.

Bluetooth Sensors

Track data such as duration, connect your sensors for speed, cadence, heart rate, and power via Bluetooth.

Artificial Intelligence

Use artificial intelligence to generate a unique title for each of your rides, based on your personal route and performance data.

Detailed View

Gain deeper insights into your performance with personal bests, map views, and comprehensive statistics.

Peak Recognition

Receive notifications when you cross a peak during your ride and view all the peaks crossed in the ride details after completion.

User Reviews

An excellent cycling computer: I use it daily!

Very useful cycling computer! Simple to use and focused on the essentials. [...]

Great for easily documenting rides

I regularly use the app to record my rides. It's not bloated with features and does what it's supposed to do! [...]

Cool features, stylish and easy to use

The app is really easy to use, looks good too, and I use it on my bike tours

Share your rides

Sharing made easy

Share your achievements and amaze others. Choose from highest speed, longest distance, greatest effort, and most elevation gained.

Share your rides as pictures on social networks or via messages. Use different templates for sharing data, route, or photos.

More features

Ride List

Filter your rides by achievements, years, or keywords to quickly find specific data.


Use the Quick Start widget for easy launching and the Live Activity for a quick glance at your ride on the lock screen.


A user account is not required to use the app, and your data stays on your iPhone as long as you do not share it yourself.

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To ensure that we can continuously improve the app and add new features, we have created the Supporters Club. By making a voluntary donation within the app, you automatically join the Supporters Club.

Become a member of the Supporters Club today and be an important part of this exciting journey!

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